Privacy Policy

We at strive to follow data protection requirements as close as reasonably possible. operate according to law and regulation governing customer privacy for online businesses to the best of our knowledge regarding information we may collect, process or transmit.

Personnel information collected from users of our website are strictly restricted to the minimum and remain completely private unless advise otherwise by the owner of such information. We do not knowingly collect data from children.

INFORMATION COLLECTION do not require any personal information to run a search for hotels hostel, flight, or vacation rental however, our computer may collect non personal data such us IP address, the page you visited, the place, number of time you visit the site, the date, time of visit.

Contact us: When you send us a message using " contact us" you may provide your personal data as well us e-mail exchange between you and us. Those information may be store or use to improve our service.

Blog: You may be require to provide some information if you want to subscribe to our blog

GPS: If you use GPS and google map your position could be use to provide you with closest vacation rental but you may prevent this by selecting the adequate setting on your mobile device.


The data we collect will never be use for mercantile purpose. The data may be use to provide the service you requested, to improve our services, to have access to our blog.


We may from time to time require the competence of some companies for our website in those cases, some of your data only those information needed for the task may be provide with obligation to not use the data otherwise. The third party advertiser we use may have access to your non personal data for their advertising purpose.

We may have to disclose personal information by law if deem necessary
- To conform to the requirement of the law.
- To comply with legal process serve on our company or the website.
- To protect, defend our company, website, users.

In the advent of a merger, an acquisition, a sale; in the unlikely event of insolvency, the data collected may be transfer to the responsible authorities, the appointed administrator, the potential transaction partners.

LINK TO THIRD PARTY works with professional third parties who may have different privacy policy. When you are transfer to the third party website to book your hotel, hostel, flight, vacation rental, privacy policy do not apply any longer. Make sure to familiarized yourself with the third party website.


Personal information are only access by those dealing with customer request under strict confidentiality to avoid any missus, misappropriation of personal information. Although we can not guarantee total security and confidentiality, strive to keep up to date with latest available law and regulations, technology to improve safety for all.

UPDATE TO PRIVATE POLICY may from time to time make changes, update to private policy in accordance to change and new available information. We will post a notice on the website to inform user but you may anticipate by reviewing information on the website as you see possible. Using means you have agreed to our privacy policy term.


They may be used on . Cookies are text file saved on your computer when you visit a webpage. Some cookies may be necessary for a better service provision. uses different cookies to optimize our service we may also use third party cookies for data analytic. Cookies used by can only be read by our server and do not collect personal information.

Cookies usage: They are used to help identify you when you return to the site they help to reinforce the quality of service provide for users satisfaction. The session cookies may be deleted when you finish your session and close the browser depending on the setting.

Avoid cookies: Cookies could be blocking by blocking their installation in your browser depending on the browser used.

Advertising companies cookies: Third party advertising companies may use cookies for targeted advertising purpose. You may chose to opt out of advertising by third party no personal data involve.

SOCIAL MEDIA may have link to social media pages from which connection could be automatically created.

Facebook, Google + :

If you are logged in to Facebook or Google + while visiting our webpage or have saved cookies in your browser when you visited our website Facebook or Google+ may identify you and show your activity. You may avoid this by closing your Facebook, Google+ before using or delete the Facebook, Google+ cookies in your browser. For more information consult the social media webpage for their privacy policy.

All Private policy information should be send to


Under Irish data protection act 1988 and 2003 you the customer have full right to access your information collect and verify the purpose they have been collected. You may action your right to object to prevent further usage of your data for purpose other than you wanted; in this case you may contact