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Jafeti.com allow you to compare travel and accommodation from third party website. You may then book your hotel, hostel flight, vacation rental, holiday apartment, villa, bed and breakfast directly on the accommodation provider website or via booking site.

Jafeti.com is not party to the contract between you the user and the booking service provider. When you chose a booking provider make sure to be familiar to their term and condition as found on their website.Those term and condition may be available to you before booking with those booking provider .Make sure to have read and understood them.

Jafeti.com act not as a travel agent with no power to contract in any form ( sale, booking...) with you the user. We contract with third party website to list their products, inventory on our website. Any complaint, claim, liability should be address to the booking website with which you contract by using their website to perform a transaction ( booking). Jafeti.com wave any responsibility regarding those claims, responsibility, liability as not party to the contract.


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